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  5. "There is a duck in the yard."

"There is a duck in the yard."

Translation:Der er en and i gården.

December 28, 2014



Would it be right to say "Der er en and ind i gården"? Or "Der er en and ind i huset"? Or my question have no sense at all?


you would need to say "inde i" in both cases, not just "ind i"


It would be fine


I must have been sleepy when I wrote my first reply. As missedith wrote you need inde not ind and inde i huset is not a translation for in the yard. I am sorry for my bad reply


a yard is not a "gård" it is a "have"


It is a bit complex I do not know if there are any good English word to translate to

"Gård" has more than one translation.

En gård--> a farm. På gården --> on the farm

But the translation is not for "på gården" it is "i gården "

Look at this picture


I gåren indicates the area between the farm buildings. maybe courtyard is a better translation?

Gården in this assignment is an area inclosed by buildings. It does not have to be a farm.


My Danish boyfriend thinks that a "have" is both a garden and a private yard with grass, while a "gård" is more of a courtyard (a shared yard in an apartment building or an office).


A gård is usually plastered while a have is mainly green. But there's some overlap.


Yard translates to "gård" or "gårdsplads" not "have" that would be "garden".


In British English, garden is the only one we use, whether it's to mean your back/front garden or several beds of flowers. At least in my region it is - Lincolnshire.


I was brought up in London and we used to refer to the paved/concreted area just outside the back door as the yard. The garden is the area with grass and flowers.


Do Danes use 'det finns' as well? I know it's Swedish, but I also heard it being used in in Danish tv-shows.


Like "der findes en and i gården" you could say that and be understood but it sounds more.like you are insisting that the duck exists or that it is the introduction to a fairy tail


why "der" and not "det"?

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"der er" = there is "det er" = it is/that is

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