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  5. "Is it their clothing?"

"Is it their clothing?"

Translation:Er det deres tøj?

December 28, 2014



Does the difference between det and den depend on the noun in question?


Sometimes. But not here. Replace tøj with a -n noun and you keep "det"

If you want to say "it is huge" (notice huge is an adjective) and is talking about a cat you would say Katten er stor" or"Den er stor" because cat is a -n word

Talking about a sheep it would be "Fåret er stort" or "det er stort" because får is a -t word

But if you want to say "it is an animal" it becomes "det er et dyr" no matter what you are talking about(sheep, cat), it is always "det" because "dyr" is a noun.

Always use "det" when defining somthing as a noun.

Er det en kat(is it a cat?) Det er en kat(it is a cat)


Aren't "tøj" and "klæder" the same thing?


Klæder means garments, so it's basically the same although to use klæder is considered old fashioned.


It didn't let me use klæder.

I was just guessing from other Scandinavian languages.


Apologies if this is a silly question, but when does the word order reverse for a question? For example "Do you have..." is "Har du..." (?) but here "Det er" was wrong, as it is seems to still be literally "Is it" (rather than "Have you.." in the example above). I'm still at the stage of trying to relate everything back to the English, rather than understanding it instinctively, so it not reversing here threw me off slightly.


Subject-verb inversion is done every time for questions, as in all Germanic languages including English.


Excellent - a simple and clear rule to follow, too - thank you!

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