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  5. "What are you looking for?"

"What are you looking for?"

Translation:Vad letar du efter?

December 28, 2014



What the difference between 'söker', 'hittar' or 'letar'? All this words are for 'look for', right?


No, hittar only means find. söker and letar (efter) mean the same though, much like search and look (for).


Why efter and not för?


In Swedish it happens to be 'leta efter' while it's 'look for' in English :)


When do we use ni and when do we use er?


"Er" is used when it's not the subject but rather the object or indirect object:

Subject: Ni tycker om mig [You like me]

Direct object: Jag tycker om er [I like you]

Indirect object: Jag ger er en nyckel [I give you a key]


Can i say "vad letar du på"?


Not really. 'Letar' needs the preposition 'efter' the same way as 'look' needs 'for'.


Can you just say "Vad letar du?", because in another sentence I saw it can be "Jag letar (efter) arbete.", where efter is optional.


It is not wrong, but it does seem like something is missing, so in order to sound natural I would suggest adding the "efter".


I wrote "Vad är ni leker efter? " Which was marked wrong but the correction is to "Vad är ni ute efter? " But I don't understand what ute is and why that is correct?


I guess you already realized that leker means 'plays'. The system tries to match what you input to the closest accepted answer, which means you may be shown things that are not taught in the course. Since your answer included är and efter, it was matched to the accepted answer Vad är ni ute efter?, which is like 'What are you after?' in English – it's a very idiomatic way of saying it in Swedish, but, it's only an accepted answer and not taught in the course.


Although you used the wrong verb you came very close to the other common way to construct questions: Vad är det ni letar efter? The word 'det' is mandatory in this alternative.


Oops, I think I used letar this morning but not sure, I may have typed it wrong in the comments. Thanks for the responses, is "Vad är ni ute efter" literally "What are you out for"? And is "Vad är det ni letar efter" an accepted answer for this too then?


Yes, it's literally 'What are you out for?'
Vad är det ni letar efter? is not an accepted translation. I agree it's a very good and idiomatic Swedish sentence, but we're a bit more literal in this course, since we're trying to teach grammar, so we'd say it corresponds better to 'What is it that you're looking for?'


Thanks, Arnauti, you're the best :)


Duo says "Vad är du ute efter?" is correct. Which I would never have guessed.


So tittar means more like look (at) whereas letar is more like look (for)?


Tittar means "look" and Letar means "look for" (no parenthesis since you'd need the "for" in English to express this)


Oh so letar can stand alone, you don't need to say letar efter? Or perhaps like this: Jag letar huset. - I am searching the house. Jag letar efter huset. - I am searching for the house. Let me know if I am wrong.


You are not completely wrong, but I would definitely suggest that you add "efter" every time. It just sounds a lot better!

When I read "Jag letar huset", it feels like something is missing even though it is technically ok.


I think it's only with abstract, general things that we leave efter out. If you say Jag letar hus or Jag letar jobb, you're looking for 'any' house/job (or at least it's pretty general). But if you're looking for a specific house/job, (huset/jobbet) I think it sounds wrong without the preposition.


So would "I am searching the house" as in looking for something in the house be "Jag letar på/genom huset" or does only efter work there?


Just a comment on the Swedish sentence below. "Ser" cannot be used to express "understand" in Swedish. It only means "to see". If you want to you could say "Jag fattar nu" or "Jag förstår nu".


To "search" something like that would be "letar igenom" in Swedish.


Åh, jag ser nu. Tack för hjälpen!


Åh, tack så mycket! I have been saying it wrong all this time!


Phrasal verbs :(


jag kan hör ingenting. kan ni tillföra en talsyntes? jag behöver den för att lära mig bättre. tack så mycket på förhand!


I didnt test it, but would tittar på work? Or is that the difference between looking at and lokking for?? Tittar is observinf and leter is searching?


Tittar på is watching. Like Tittar du på tv? - "Are you watching TV?"


Can I say, Vad tittar du på?


That's "What are you looking at?".


Why does du go between letar and efter, and not at the end of the sentence?


You know that questions invert the subject/verb order. The subject really wants to stay with the verb, so in the case of a particle verb, it comes between the verb and its particle.

Another example from an earlier lesson: Varför har din dotter på sig rosa strumpor?

We see the same thing in questions with infinitives, e.g. Brukar du skriva brev? The subject comes between the first (auxiliary) verb and the second (infinitive) verb.

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