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Really good and fun tool!

While I got to admit that I do not know if it's completely legal, I wanted to share with you guys a site that I found about a week ago when searching for ways to watch movies with subtitles.


The site offers an infinite collection of movies with every single one of them having SWEDISH subtitle entirely free.

Best part: For beginners it has english movies with subtitles and when you finally feel at ease there's Swedish movies still with the Swedish subtitle!

Hope my discovery is as useful to you as it is to me!

Wishing to you the best in your learning.

December 28, 2014



It's great that you took that up! Sweden has produced so many good movies, especially movies for teenagers and crime movies. Especially movies like Ondskan, ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Åmål, Hip Hip Hora and when it comes to crime the Wallander movies, are worth watching! They also make really good comedys, the Sune films are a huge success and super famous in Sweden. An as it comes to series, Solsidan is just great. I haven't seen every swedish movie, and that's just my tips; don"t hesitate to try :)

Det är fantastiskt att du tog upp det där! Sverige har producerat så många bra filmer, speciellt filmer för tonåringar och kriminalfilmer. Speciellt filmer som Ondskan, ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Åmål, Hip Hip Hora och när det kommer till kriminalfilmer Wallander filmerna, är värt att se. Dom gör också väldigt bra komedier, Sune filmerna är en stor succé och jätte populära i Sverige. Av serierna är Solsidan helt enkelt fantastisk. Jag har inte sett alla svenska filmer, och dessa är bara mina tips, tveka inte på att prova :)


Thanks a lot for your recommendations! I won't hesitate to watch them next and share my experience with you. Plus I see that your Swedish is near perfect - or perfect -, are you a native speaker? If yes and you have a little time on your hand I'd really love for you to help me a bit! I need some experience with talking to native! And since I'm a native french speaker I could help with your french in return.

If it's impossible for you I would understand and thanks again :)


Haha sure I can help :) I am a native finnish and swedish speaker, so the answer is yes. Everyone here in Finland has to study swedish for at least 3 years, but I myself have studied in swedish all the way from kindergarten to high school, were I'm now.


Why does everybody have to study Swedish? I read earlier today that Swedish and Finnish are not related at all (is that right?), so I'm a bit confused... Is it because Sweden and Finland have good relations or something like that? :)


Finland has a sizeable Swedish-speaking minority, and they're both official languages of the country.

And you are correct, Swedish and Finnish have a some loanwords over time due to proximity and historical ties, but linguistically they are completely unrelated, Sweden being Indo-European (like everything from English to Sanskrit) while Finnish is ultimately Uralic (with others such as Estonian, Hungarian, and the Sámi languages).


Mayo is completely correct, one thing to be added could be that Finland was a part of Sweden until year 1809 :)


Yeah, I didn't elaborate on the "historical ties" part very much. It's how we got finlandssvenska.


Thank you that's very interesting ;)

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