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  5. "I am in trouble."

"I am in trouble."

Translation:Ik zit in moeilijkheden.

December 28, 2014



An idiom I really must remember!

(No translation above.)


Ik ben in moeilijkheden should also be possible


Yes. In German there is a 1:1 translation for both cases an i am sure that the Netherlanders use both possibilities too.


Why do we say "Ik zit in moeilijkheden" because this means I sit in difficulties which is plural. Trouble is not plural. Does Dutch lack a word for trouble?

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There's multiple ways to say you're in trouble in Dutch.

  • Ik zit in de penarie
  • Er is stront aan de knikker
  • Ik heb problemen
  • Ik zit in de problemen
  • Ik heb moeilijkheden
  • Ik zit in de moeilijkheden

Those are some ones I can quickly think of (Don't know which ones the course will accept).


"Er is stront aan de knikker" Deze kende ik nog niet, dank je wel.


"Ik zit in de nesten". Rejected: 03mei2021. Reported.


"Ik zit in de puree". Rejected too.: 03mei2021. Reported too!


"Ik zit in de dalles" and "Ik zit in de penarie" have also been rejected. Reported: 03 May 2021.


"Ik zit in de problemen" has been accepted. I just finally wrote this down, after I saw the owl waving a wing at me, "saying": "You can do it!"....

Yes, I can do it. In fact, I can give a lot of correct Dutch translations, but the owl cannot....!

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