"The sandwich is mine."

Translation:Smörgåsen är min.

December 28, 2014

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What's different between mitt and min?


It's min because smörgås is an en word.

  • en: Boken är min 'The book is mine'
  • ett: Huset är mitt 'The house is mine'
  • plural: Sakerna är mina 'The things are mine'


Whats the difference between 'min' and 'mina' in this sentence?


Mina is used for plurals, so it can't be used here since it's only one smörgås.


Why does the translation say Macken? Yet at tge top of the comments section it says the smorgas word?


macka is a more colloquial word for smörgås. The machine tries to match your input to the closest accepted answer, so you may get shown this. (It's mackan though: macken is 'the gas station' so that's a bit different).

The sandwich word:
en macka, mackan
mackor, mackorna

The gas station word:
en mack, macken
mackar, mackarna

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