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Anyone else think that Duolingo should add a mobile site in order to improve the mobile experience?

December 28, 2014



A mobile site?

I don't think a mobile site is needed, just improvements on the app.

[deactivated user]

    I use the website on my iPad and the screen jumps off sometimes for no reason. The need to tap an item a million times just for it to work is also a pain in the neck. In saying that, I want them to work on the app instead of the website because it is the app which is supposed to give you the mobile experience.


    I would rather they fix the app. It doesn't have timed practice, for example (on Android).


    I too think a mobile site would be necessary. Either that or they add more functionality to the mobile app.


    Yes, but I think that if the user has a compatible device, they should be redirected to the mobile app (or download page for the mobile app)


    I would like to see the following feature in the app:

    • view the streak-checkmark


    Yes, but only if it has the full functionality of the desktop site. A lot of mobile sites don't always offer the same features. If it's just going to offer the same functions as the app, then no.

    What I'd really like to see is immersion for the mobile app as trying to use it using the desktop site on a mobile is a nightmare: you can't hover over anything and trying to highlight words is a painful process.

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