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Reflexive verb, battre.

In the sentence, "Pourquoi vous ne voulez pas vous battre ?", I seem to recall that when there is the double personal pronoun utilized that may infer the useage of the reflexive verb, indicated by, "se", or before vowels, "s' ", is this the case in the above which is from Lesson 11 of the Infinitives unit ? And if so, could the word battre be " se battre" ? Perdre, 11/02/12.

November 2, 2012



It can be "se battre" if the subject was He/She/It/They. Reflexive verbs have subject agreement in the infinitive, too. Does that make sense, perdre?

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In this case it is a reflexive verb: "se battre" = "to fight" e.g. "Nous nous battons en duel" = "We fight (each other in) a duel."

"Battre" alone means "to beat" or "to batter/defeat" e.g. "Je bats mon ennemi." = "I beat/defeat my enemy."


To Remy: Thank you very much for your reply. That is exactly what I was thinking. Perdre, 11/02/12


Jena, You have clarified this even further. Thank you, and I think I am going to get my grammar books out! Perdre, 11/02/12

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