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  5. "Hallå, ett äpple tack!"

"Hallå, ett äpple tack!"

Translation:Hello, an apple, please!

December 28, 2014



I imagine that "an apple, thanks" can be a request for an apple, and should be correct as well as "an apple, please"


It’s already an accepted (and preferred) translation.


Yes, it's already accepted, I used it


For me the thanks one is wrong according to the app


This is literally "Hello, an apple thanks!" but is used like "Hello, an apple please!" which can be confusing.


Do you know if tack and snälla can be used interchangeably? Im tryjng tk figure out why they used tack instead of snälla.


Thanks! I am finally figuring some of these nuances out!


That's a good quick phrase to memorize, in order to pronounce å/ä/a all correctly in rapid succession.


"Hello, an apple please!" Was marked wrong just because i missed the second comma. I'm trying to learn Swedish here, not English.


You can actually see shirts on personal serving reading "My name is not "Hallå" :-)


so what is the more polite way to get a waitperson's attention?

[deactivated user]

    I would assume Ursakta?


    I adore the addition of this question. It was a big curve ball. The lesson did not cover a sentence formed like this so I repeated the audio many, many times. I could not believe it said "Hallå, ett äpple, tack!" because the lesson had not taught me that type of phrasing. I eventually just went with my gut feeling and felt very smart and pleased with myself!! Loving this course!


    Is there any distinguished difference between Halla(accent there) and hej? Is it formality?


    so tack is please and thank you?


    Think of hej as ,,hello!/hey!"and hallå as ,,Hello?" in English. Hallå, from what I've seen, is used more like when you're trying to get attention. ,,Hello? Is anyone there?/ Hello, are you listening to me!?"


    hallå is much broader than that, actually. While hej is the most common phrase, nobody would think hallå weird in most contexts.


    This made me curious with the Swedish symbols like comma, question mark, exclamation point, etc. Are there rules to use them?


    The basic rules of punctuation are essentially the same as in English, with only minor differences such as moving a subclause to the front usually requiring a comma in English but not in Swedish.


    Should it be "Halla, ett apple, tack!" or is it proper grammar in this form, too?

    [deactivated user]

      Swedes are less likely to use grammatical commas than Englishmen, although it's not unheard of.


      On the Swedish TV shows, "Hallå" seems to be reserved for when you'e entering somewhere and don't know if anyone else is there. It's like "hell-o-ahhh???"


      That's one good usage, though it's not uncommon as an ordinary greeting either. :)


      Could you also use "Hallä, ett äpple snälla" instead of "Hallä, ett äpple tack"?


      As devalanteriel said it is not the place to use the word. Of course, if the person you are talking to is very close to you, friend/family member, you can say so, but here are some examples how to use snäll/snälla in different ways:

      "Snälla, ett äpple" - this sound really begging

      "Snälla, ge mig ett äpple" - this is better but still with a demand

      "Snälla, kan du ge mig ett äpple" - much better with a question in the end


      "Kan du vara så snäll och ge mig ett äpple" - this is already a question and the word snälla is turned into an adjective so this is the nicest way to use word "snälla"


      No, not really. If you use snälla, it makes it sound like you're begging.


      These listening ones never accept my answer even if it's correct. Should offer an option to write it.


      You can turn those exercises off in your settings, but I'm afraid that's the only help I can offer.


      I thought it was "Hello, thanks for the apple" or something like that. Got it wrong though lol


      Could someone explain how "hellå" and "hej" differ from each other?


      I think that "hallå" is more formal than "hej" but i'm not sure.


      I was very confused at first xD


      "tack" didn't make it to the list of words in this question. A few times there seem to be inconsistencies in "tap the words". I try the keyboard next time


      Really??... I only missed the commas......


      I imagine that "an apple, thanks" can be a request for an apple, and should be correct as well as "an apple, please"


      I appear to have got it wrong because I wrote 'hallo' instead of 'hello' and missed a comma. Seems as if it's trying to teach me English, rather than Swedish. OK, I know it's just a computer program...


      It doesn't always correct, in fact it sometimes ignores typos if not important to the correct meaning. But if it complains, then sometimes for small things that make a big difference. For example if you forget to put an "s" at the end of a word to make it plural. But I also think occasionally just a hint would be enough instead of flagging an error, sometimes it would have been better to hint or flag something as an error when everything was on green.

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