"It is my dress."

Translation:Det är min klänning.

December 28, 2014

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Why is it wrong to use "den" for "it" in this sentence? It says only "Det" is accepted?


Because it is not referring to the noun itself, it’s just a placeholder because the sentence needs a subject when you present something. It’s similar to it is snowing in English, the it doesn’t really refer to anything.

You could say Den är min klänning but then you are pointing at one and it would rather translate to ”that one is my dress”.


Tack Lundgren! I did read a similar response elsewhere and also remember reading it in the tips and tricks for possessives (I think). Just need to remember when and where to apply it… :)


I said : Den är min klänning. Jag tänkte att det sku vara: Den är min klänning och inte den andra på sidan, typ. Det är min klänning seems more that, oh ya that is my dress. Is there no way to differentiate these meanings_

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