"I want such an umbrella."

Translation:Jag vill ha ett sådant paraply.

December 28, 2014

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super don't get this. why would anyone use this sentence. is this like fancy way of saying "I want that one"? or "Do want this blue umbrella" - "Yes" :)


Yeah, imagine walking with your son in the store, you promised to buy him an umbrella of his choice, and he looks around and points at one and says: I want that one! In Swedish he might say: Jag vill ha ett så’nt! If you include the noun it would be Jag vill ha ett sådant paraply.


OOH cool. thank you. that kind of context makes my brain happy. also, watching saving private ryan with swedish subtitles is hilarious. in a strange way. hope your day rules.


The sentence is a bit unnatural in English, but it’s how we say it in Swedish. :)


I actually don't find the English sentence that odd.
Imagine you're going for a walk and you see somebody with the coolest umbrella ever. You poke your partner and say: "Wow, look at that umbrella! It is sooo cool. I want such an umbrella." You won't stop the person and buy their umbrella, you just want to find a similar one, probably even in a different color, but with the feature that got you interested in the first place.


I admit I'm nitpicking a bit here, but it is kind of stuffy to say, "I want such..."; most native English people would say in that context, "nice brolly, I want one like that. "


It has told me that 'jag vill ha en sådan paraply' is correct but that 'jag vill ha ett sådant paraply' is also correct.

How can this be? Surely it is either en or ett?


Some words can be either/or. ett paraply is recommended, but en paraply is also correct.


Is "paraply" an "en" or "ett" word, because duo accepts both "en sådan paraply" and "ett sådant paraply" and that's where i'm getting confused


I'm quoting my own previous comment right above this: Some words can be either/or. ett paraply is recommended, but en paraply is also correct.


Why does ett come before sådant instead if after?


Wow, that word order (a such umbrella) really stands out to me. Would the word order be the same for, say, 'as fine an umbrella'?

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