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Multiple Languages in profile

I think it would be great if you could add more than one language in your Duolingo profile. I'm talking about the Learning Language setting on each account. I think we should be able to add the languages we already know so we can help translate to more than one language. I can speak both English and Spanish fluently (both are official languages in my country), but I can only translate to English in the Immersion Section, since I there's no way to another language (that I know of). There is only a way to reset or remove languages. Does the feature I'm talking about exist? Maybe I'm not looking where I should. Otherwise, I think it'd be a good addition to the site.

July 20, 2013



The only alternative is to select from the settings "I know Spanish I want to learn English" and then you can translate articles from English to Spanish. There is no option yet to translate from French to Spanish but hopefully this will change soon when we (the users) will have the tools to add new languages in Duolingo.


Sadly, there is no such option at the moment. There's only an option if you want to learn English from Spanish. Maybe a good idea would be to add the languages we already know in separate sections: one for languages the user knows, and languages the user is learning.

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