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"Dit dorp heeft minder dan dertig bakkerijen."

Translation:This village has fewer than thirty bakeries.

December 28, 2014



There was a previous discussion about 'dorp' v 'stad' and someone suggested 'dorp' was a village/town with <25K population. In English, it tends to be a lot smaller - so the thought of having 30 bakeries in a village (often with no more than a couple of shops and a pub) seemed weird.


It did seem a little odd to me too - but I thought it was some sort of joke that in the Netherlands, nearly every building is a bakery (you certainly get that impression from this lesson!), so maybe fewer than 30 was unusual, even for a village.


I agree. The Dutch eat more baked goods in a week than an American would in a month. A loaf of bread is a common enough breakfast or lunch for some of my Dutch peers. And they love stroopwaffels, bossche balls, etc


In comparison to Germany, there are almost no bakeries in the Netherlands. I really miss to pass by several bakeries in the morning to chose my freshly baked breakfast from. Even if Dutch ones are very different to German ones.


a "stad" is a "dorp" that was given Town Privileges in the Middle Ages. some "steden" are much smaller than some "dorpen" the Dutch Wikipedia has a lot more information on it than the English one but I don't know how much of this is readable to Dutch learners here (at this point) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Town_privileges http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stadsrechten


thanks v much - I guess it's the English phrase that seemed weird to me.


Thanks, interesting stuff. :)


This is a weird sentence in Dutch too. A lot of the sentences on here are missing a fair amount of context, which makes them weird.


I am Dutch, but I've never seen a village with thirty bakeries. In my village we don't even have a bakery and the closest bakery is about a mile (and this is the only bakery close to my house). Honestly this is a ridiculous sentence, don't think it's true! :D


Perhaps in the south where they have a big annual competition for worstenbroodje (sausage in a bread roll not to be confused with sausage roll using puff pastry) :-)


In the UK, "sausage in a bread roll" would be "a hot dog", and thus easily distinguished from a sausage roll, but I think, in the U.S, that might refer to the sausage only?


In the U.S. a hot dog can either refer to the sausage itself or the entire "sausage and bread roll"


Is this an unusually low number for a village in the Netherlands?


No. 30 bakeries in a village is a ridiculously high amount, also in the Netherlands.


It just states that there is less than 30 bakeries. It could still be only one.


How will the people live? ❤❤❤ veel brouwerijen hebben zij?

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