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"The child is fascinated by the snack bar."

Translation:Het kind is gefascineerd door de snackbar.

December 28, 2014



struggling with passives: the snack bar fascinates the child; so the child is fascinated by the snack bar is surely passive. So why can't you say "wordt gefascineerd" and why must you say "is gefascineerd"?


The snackbar isn't doing the fascinating, if you get what I mean. The child is fascinated, meaning that fascinated is the state that it's in. In Dutch, that means "het kind is gefascineerd" is correct. The difference becomes clearer in these two sentences: "de hond wordt gevoerd": the dog is being fed, versus "de hond is gevoerd": the dog has been fed. Again, "is" denotes a state, or something that is complete and somewhat static, and "wordt" denotes a process.


Why not 'wordt'?


Solutions 1 and 3 are still identical!? Please give attention to it.


Hi there, the multiple choice exercises are automatically generated by Duolingo, so we can't see which one was given to you. Can you elaborate on the exercise and what was wrong?


Thank you for your response. There are 3 solutions to choose from and solutions 1 and 3 are identical. I chose 1 and was told that it is incorrect!


Lol we still dont understand

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