"Min pappa är en stor man."

Translation:My father is a big man.

December 28, 2014

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Can somebody please explain why store is not also correct?


store is only used before the noun in the definite form. Den store mannen would be right. But here it is indefinite.


"En stor" but "den store".


I just think of Störbritanien, Great Britain. I can't wait for geography


Do note that it's Stor-, not Stör-, as the latter would refer to the verb störa meaning to annoy/disturb/make noise/irritate. Störbritannien is funny though. :D


I know people who would love this coincidence))


I'm hearing the word "stor" here read as if it sounded like "store" (i.e., it sounds like an alveolar flap "r" and a vowel sound between "r" and "m"). Is this typical when a word ending in "r" is followed by an "m"? Would it be incorrect to assimilate the "r" into the "m" sound?


Yeah it sounds like store to me too


And to me! Can't complain, if that's how a native speaker would say it, then we have to get used to it - but there's definitely an intrusive vowel in there!


How would one say 'My father is a great man'. I have seen the word en storman used in sentences simiilar to this. Is this making any sense to you?


It'd be the same "Min pappa är en stor man".

The word Storman means a magnate or great landowner from viking or medieval times, so avoid that.


so 'stor' can refer both to size and quality? i.e. literal and illiteral meaning? and 'stor man' can mean both 'the great man', i.e. 'the man I admire' and 'big sized man' as some kind of bodybuilder or just a fat man?


Now that I come to think of it, stor is a bit complicated when describing people. Charlemagne, for example, is called Karl den Store in Swedish. In that sense, used in storman as well, it can refer to quality. However, it may be that it sounds a little archaic to use it about living people. Preferrably, you'd use some other word to refer to being great in that sense, such as framstående ("distinguished, notable").

For being of great size, I think you'd also use some other wording depending on what part of being great you want to stress. You could, for example, say en kraftig man, which would mean he's a big guy regardless of whether he's fat or has a lot of muscles.


Funnily enough the name of Charlemagne/Karl der Große/Big Charlie can refer to either meaning in his French and German titles, and he certainly fit all of the criteria as he was a very tall, muscular, fat, and hugely historically significant man.

It could even have been the physical meaning that first gave him that name, given that his father was Pepin the Short.


Does stor mean the same as the Dutch stoer?


No, stor means groot. But stor may well be a cognate to stoer.


What does 'stor' exactly mean? The suggestions were big, great and large, but they all mean something different! (a big man could be a more... corpulent man, a great man is like an awesome friend and a large man is more of a tall guy, but tall means lång.)


It could mean either.


A tall man? Should be correct as well, or shouldn't it.


A tall man is En lång man.


so, 'stor' means 'big' in a sense of 'wide' rather then 'high'? or it is so just for living beings?


Is there somewhere I could get an explanation of the different forms of adjectives. I am just not getting them.


Can't we say "huge" as well??)


If I'm not mistaken, that would be jättestor("really big")


In an older excersize, pappa was part of the sentence and both dad and father were choices. I picked father and received an incorrect for not picking dad, and I thought that was fair since one is less formal in both languages. Now dad is not a choice, I don't like the inconsistency.


Both should be accepted everywhere, but both the multiple choice exercises and the picking exercises on mobile tend to be buggy. – It might be that we use pappa a little more widely in Swedish than dad would be used in English, but then there's a lot of regional variation within both languages, so it's hard to say.


Could 'stor' also mean influential?


Is stor and stora the same thing?


I love it when you call me big pappa

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