"Jag har redan sagt det."

Translation:I have already said that.

December 28, 2014

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TTS is pronouncing the g here. In Swedish, do you pronounce the g here in sagt?


Yes. Due to the T at the end, you'll find that it does indeed sound like /sakt/, just like the TTS says it here.

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    When can one know when "det" implies"that" and not "it"? Tack


    It never really matters. You always have "det där" if you want to make it super clear it's "that".


    Can "sagt det" be translated as "said so"?


    I think it sounds good as a translation in this particular sentence, so I added it now.


    The 'a' in 'sagt' sounds more like an 'ä' to me. Especially when i compare it to the 'a' in 'redan'.


    I suggest that you listen to the 17 Swedish vowel sounds on this page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swedish_phonology

    Especially listen to the example words "matt" and "häl". The 'a' in "matt" is the same as the 'a' in "redan" and "sagt".


    Can I make another Swedish sentence out of the model: Jag har sagt redan det. I am asking about the position of the adverb "redan". Maybe this has a different nuance or meaning. Can I also say or write like that in Swedish? Thanks.


    Basically sounds as wrong as "I have said already that." Can't really explain why. I've read that adverbs go after the subject and first verb, before the secondary verb. But you could also but the "redan" at the verb end (Jag har sagt det redan.) So idk.


    Säga :- say

    Säger :- say,says, saying

    Sade :- said

    Har redan sagt :- has/have already said

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