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  5. "Jag har redan sagt det."

"Jag har redan sagt det."

Translation:I have already said it.

December 28, 2014



TTS is pronouncing the g here. In Swedish, do you pronounce the g here in sagt?


Yes. Due to the T at the end, you'll find that it does indeed sound like /sakt/, just like the TTS says it here.

[deactivated user]

    When can one know when "det" implies"that" and not "it"? Tack


    Can "sagt det" be translated as "said so"?


    I think it sounds good as a translation in this particular sentence, so I added it now.


    The 'a' in 'sagt' sounds more like an 'ä' to me. Especially when i compare it to the 'a' in 'redan'.


    Can I make another Swedish sentence out of the model: Jag har sagt redan det. I am asking about the position of the adverb "redan". Maybe this has a different nuance or meaning. Can I also say or write like that in Swedish? Thanks.


    Säga :- say

    Säger :- say,says, saying

    Sade :- said

    Har redan sagt :- has/have already said

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