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  5. "She swims better than me."

"She swims better than me."

Translation:Hon simmar bättre än jag.

December 28, 2014



If someone is wondering about än jag vs. än mig, both are accepted and common, but the former is usually recommended, and is the more formal version, and the latter is more colloquial and used to be proscribed, but is now generally accepted. Duolingo accepts both.


I'll just add that we also accept … than I do and … än jag gör, respectively. They're pretty good equivalents to each other.


The same is true for English, I believe. She swims better than I is more correct than She swims better than me, but the former has fallen so far out of use that it is almost beginning to sound wrong to native speakers. Strange how that works.


Why isn't the infinitive form used here?


Why do you think it should be? This is just an ordinary description of something that is generally true, those are usually in the present tense.

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