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  5. "He writes about our age."

"He writes about our age."

Translation:Hij schrijft over onze leeftijd.

December 28, 2014



I'm guessing that "our age" in this sentence means "how old we are", not "the period in which we live"? The English sentence has two different meanings.


There is no context, so it could be either. Translations for both interpretations should be accepted:

  • Hij schrijft over onze leeftijd (how old we are)
  • Hij schrijft over onze tijd/ons tijdperk (the period we live in)


When meaning how old one is, could one use leeftijden?
I have come across: "Hun leeftijden zijn allemaal rond de 13 jaar." which raises the question.


Yes, if it refers to how old each of "us" is, wouldn't it make more sense to write Hij schrijft over onze leeftijden? What am I missing?


As a native dutch speaker this sentence makes no sense whatsoever: why would anybody write about "our age" meaning how old you are. I have never heard in dutch "hij schrijft over onze leeftijd". It is far more plausible to write about "our age" meaning about the era we live in. In dutch it would also make a lot more sense: "hij schrijft over onze eeuw (de eeuw waarin wij leven)". Technically it is possible to translate the sentence the way DL wants us to, but it makes no sense. The course is supposed to teach you common basic dutch and the DL translation is far from conversational dutch.


why onze and not ons? Can someone explain?


Because it is DE word. So ons HET WORD and onze DE WORD. For example: onze hond maar ons huis.


It is meant as in our lifetime


I put "Hij schrijft over onze leeftijd" exactly as above. It was marked wrong and said it should be "tijdperk"? it usually helps if you bother to introduce a word to us BEFORE you include it in a question... I'm getting really sick of all the bugs in Duo.


How about "he writes about our times."

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