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What percentage of people are learning German, French, Italian, etc.

What percentage of people are learning German on Duolingo? What about the other languages? What language is most learned on Duolingo? What about least? What percentage of people are learning more than one language?

I have a lot of questions, but I'm interested to know this type of information! :)

July 20, 2013



Would be interesting if the site's experts could enlighten us. I'm enjoying learning all of the languages on here - how many other people are up for giving all of them a try?

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Same here. My friends think I am crazy going for all 5 at once. :) I imagine it would be better to do one at a time, but don't actually know what is better/worse.


How do you keep them all straight in you head. I started with French and then tried Spanish but went back to French only. I write my lessons in a notebook, but am concerned that I will mix the two up. How do those of you who do two or more languages at the same time keep them straight?


I'm trying them all, too. Just going at it one at a time though. Maybe when I get comfortable with one, I'll try another.


Ok, well best of luck with it :) You certainly have ambition.

Maybe I lack it, I'm just here trying not to lose the one second language I have, as they fade over time (it's called 'language attrition') if you don't use them.


Haven't they said in the past that the vast majority of the user base is non-Americans learning English, despite Duolingo being a Pittsburgh-based company?


Yes, would love to know! Though I imagine the stats are always changing. For me, I need to try to focus on one language at a time (German), as my goal is to get close to fluency (I have German relatives and am very highly motivated to communicate in German with them).


Yes, apparently very motivated. Congrats on your 44 day streak! Keep it up!


I'd like to know this as well.


I'm learning German. Ich bin eine Madchen!


Ich bin ein Mädchen! ;) It's das Mädchen.


Interesting questions. I do not know answers, too.

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