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  5. "She will cover the baby."

"She will cover the baby."

Translation:Zij zal de baby bedekken.

December 28, 2014



Why is "Zij gaat de baby bedekken." not accepted here? Before, gaan and zullen seemed to have been interchangeable.


I have the same issue, wondering why it is not accepted in this situation


Can someone, please, answer the question? :-)


I guess this chapter was written by a different person and he/she doesnt accept it simply.. I was wondering over the same but no other explanation :)


No idea why they were interchangeable, or if that was the case (I haven't paid notice). But in my eyes they shouldn't be exactly interchangeable, since as far as a see it there is a slightly different meaning (compare the English going to with will... They do not convey the exact same thing).


Ze zal de baby dekken Should be correct


can anyone tell me why this sentence is not correct."Zij zal kleden aan de baby."


1) The word order is not correct: Zij zal de baby aankleden.

The particle that is attached at the beginning of separable verbs is not separated from the verb when we use it in the infinitive form (and for the simple future tense we use zullen+infinitive verb).

2) aankleden= (v) dress, clothe (Not cover).

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