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How do you know which version of "Beber" to use?

This is the one that is constantly tripping me up in beginner Spanish. I can't figure out a logic or rule to use to decide whether it's "bebo", "bebes" or "bebe".

November 2, 2012



If you go to your vocabulary, you can click on a word and find its conjugation, where it explains exactly when to use each one. This link should work for you: http://duolingo.com/#/word/es/beber/Verb


Beber is the verb in its infinitive form "to drink" Conjugated in present tense forms is the following "Yo bebo = I drink, Tú bebes = you drink (familiar/ informal,,,, él/ella, usted bebe= he/she or you/formal drink, ustedes beben/ ellos ellas beben= you all drink/they drink nosotros/nosotras bebemos= we drink.


The pronouns are also not necessary and mainly used for emphasis and or clarification since the conjugation already implies who is doing the action unlike English


The Duolingo link above gives a table at the bottom of the page which gives you the rule for choosing which verb ending to use. There are 3 infinitive verb endings in Spanish: '-ar', '-er' and '-ir'. You should learn how to write out a table of verb conjugations like the one in the link for each of the 3 infinitive verb endings. Once you know that you won't have to look it up as often :)


Zennist is correct but you should definitely familiarize yourself with conjugations " just present tense for now" or you may fall into thinking this is more difficult than it really is. I personally continue practice basics fairly regularly when i haven't had the opportunity to use what i know with friends for any long period of time, of course what is basic for you will change over time as certain things become second nature


Learn to use the pronouns for the third person singular and the third person plural. Many writers using Spanish fail to do this , counting on context to tell which person is being referred to . Without context it can be impossible ! Poor Duobot has a terrible time , I notice !

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