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" teach nua ar an mbolcán beo."

Translation:There is a new house on the active volcano.

December 28, 2014



...but not for long.


It's an anti-volcano house.


Dia duit, Mr. Sauron!


Tá bialann ar barr na bholcán sa Lanzarote. Díoltar feoil ann atá cooked ar an mbolcán! (there is a restaurant on top of the volcano in Lanzarote. Meat is sold there that is cooked on the volcano.)

Cant remember Irish for cooked and I'm sure there's something wrong with my grammar. But the restaurant exists and is pretty awesome even if the meat tastes a bit sulphuric.


Valuable lessons in architecture...

(Ceachtanna mórluachacha in ailtireacht?)


How would one say "The new house in on the active volcano"? Because that's what I put, but it was marked incorrect.


an teach nua - "the new house"

There is no definite article before teach in Tá teach nua ar an mbolcán beo


Ah, of course! Thank you -- I have a bit of a blind spot for the article sometimes, or indeed the lack of an article.

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