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Search function in the immersion section should be improved

I got the proposal from Duolingo to help translating a spanish article on Gloria Fuertes. After a while when I did something else I decided to go back to it but could not find it. Entering 'Gloria Fuertes' brought a lot results but not that article :-(

December 28, 2014



If you already started translating/revising the document then it will show up under the "Your edits" tab.


Unfortunately I had not. But nevertheless would like to find the article again.


Is this it? https://www.duolingo.com/translation/8b68e262122d0fd6a6bdd247fd39bbba

I found this by searching for "Gloria Fuertes", quotation marks included. This forces it to search for the exact phrase rather than each word individually.


That's it - thank you!!


Actually, I believe currently there are no checks on upload of duplicate articles. So it's quite possible many of the duplicates your search pulled refer to the same article.

Regarding the recommended article, you can redo the same lesson again and a new recommendation will pop-up. Of course, this may or may not be the same one as the previous recommendation.

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