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New notification bell?

Is this new and I am in the percent that just got it? - Or am I late in receiving this? (Or is it just that I haven't seen this before? o.O lol)

July 20, 2013



It's new, pretty useful in my opinion. :D


Yep, Don't have to check emails as much as they just show there xD


Oh!! That's what that is for! I was still reading emails and I just read this discussion. Then I looked at the bell and realized I had some notifications. :P


Let me say that I love it, but I don't see any way to dismiss notifications you have read, so they are just piling up. Is this not implemented or am I just missing it somewhere?


it doubles the size of the hub for me (bell appearing below the search bar, should it be beside it?), cutting off part of my name on the 'Home' screen. :/

EDIT: Looks like it also partially obscures the progress bar during lessons.


This doesn't seem right to me, do you have a screenshot?


Thanks, I've made a thread about it in the Troubleshooting section, and posted a screenshot there.


Same happens for me. But when I put the screen in full view it goes away.


i think it doesnt work or I have no new notifications :D

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