Duolingo - creating Links, Webs, Mats, looms, .....

Link : lindakanga s learning loom home
In posts in duolingo, you can create links within duolingo and to sites on the internet by using the "markdown code" that is recognized by threads in the discussion pages of duolingo.
The code that lets you do this is:

Markdown code - creating links:

  • to create links: [insert your label here](insert your http://www. link here, with no spaces in your code)
    ie. type this: [click here](ébut/125771447593999)
    and it should do this: click here
    You can refer to threads within duolingo using this. for example :
    Link : [this](
    And this will take you to a link in duolingo.

  • to create links to a specific post, within a thread
    1 Go to the comment you want to link to, and press the left mouse button, to ensure you are on the right comment.
    2 Then, Press the right mouse key button, and select inspect element. This will bring up a separate window at the bottom of your browser with a lot of code in it.
    3 Find the code that says something like:
    id="body-9999999" or "nested-comment-9999999"
    This '9999999' number, whatever it is, is your comment_id number - the last number in your reference.
    4 To close the element, click on the top right corner of the element dialogue box.
    5 Also note down your actual thread id. This is located in the top bar of your browser, and it will be something like:
    6 Then create your link in your post, by type something like this:
    [click here]($comment_id=1241954)
    NOTE: there must be NO spaces between " ]( " `
    And it should do this: click here

ALSO ... you can insert images by ![](www.insert.gifORjpgAddress/123.jpg)

PS - to find this thread again - if you go to :
' duolingo , discussions '
next to " Discussion Stream ' click in ' Search '
and type ' lindakanga '
This will show threads that I have posted, and most of them will get you through to my ' learning loom '. If you head to my ' home ' page. I have put up a link there, back to here. :)

Markdown code, and was created by John Gruber (of Daring Fireball)
Other interesting links to more information can be found:


Small images

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December 28, 2014

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Check out the link that erenner20 has provided below for formatting tips - like how to make your text Bold, Italic and highlighted in yellow :)

December 29, 2014
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To see one way of doing this, click on the different colored word " here ' and it will take you to my ' home ' page, where I am creating a learning loom for my french learning.
I reference things within duolingo, from other sources on the internet, and things I have found relevant to my learning from teachers and books - and that I think may also be relevant to others learning journey. Also I am creating my own duolingo loom ladder for french,
I find different people explaining concepts has been key to my advancement, and want to encourage others to explain things in their words - and then to reference them - so they can be found - and others can also find them. And also I can go back and look at notes I have made. I am very much at the beginning of my language journey.
I love the community here - and that is the other advantage of putting your references and learning here - as others will correct you when you have things wrong - or explain another insights into a topic , etc.
I hope more people may take on this challenge in duolingo as well - and enrich further the community here - for themselves and for others. In anticipation, thank you.

December 29, 2014
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For those interested, I am about to retire this page on formatting.

You can see an updated one here:

August 6, 2018
November 29, 2017

This discussion is also very helpful.

December 29, 2014
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Thanks erannert20 - you are a gem !

December 30, 2014
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