"Får jag fråga honom?"

Translation:Can I ask him?

December 28, 2014



Welp, this is confusing :p

December 28, 2014


If it’s that confuses you, one of its meanings is may.

December 28, 2014


You could also replace “Can I” with “Do I get to”, which might be less confusing ;)

June 30, 2016


In a context like this, could "kan" be used in place or "får"? Or would that change the nuance of the sentence?

May 7, 2016


I think we have pretty much the same situation with these verbs as in English – there's this example often quoted (when discussing the English verbs), where the pupil asks Can I go to the bathroom? and the teacher answers Well, can you? – the teacher would like the pupil to say May I…? but in practice, that is not how the language is used, people do say can to mean may. Same in Swedish, in theory kan should mean 'am able to', but in practice it's used to mean the same as får too.

May 8, 2016


'You can, but you may not'

May 2, 2018


Kan is like 'am I able to/capable of...', whereas får is like 'do I have permission to...'

May 8, 2016


No, that would be like "Am I capable to ask him?" in english

May 7, 2016


Can i question him is not accepted??

January 26, 2016


The verb question is either ifrågasätta (if you mean as in 'put into question') or förhöra if you mean it as in 'interrogate'.

January 30, 2016


,,,,am i allowed to ask her,,,.why is it wrong?

October 31, 2018


Because it’s him.

October 31, 2018


It's analog to the german dürfen. Like "one is not allowed to smoke hier" = "hier darf man nicht rauchen" = "här får man inte röka". Right?

August 3, 2016


So the word 'får' can mean: -Sheep -May/can -have children Why so many meanings for one word?

May 25, 2019
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