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  5. "Det är ett bi bakom dig!"

"Det är ett bi bakom dig!"

Translation:There is a bee behind you!

December 28, 2014



Det finns is used for more permanent situations (finnas means to exist). Det är is used for temporary situations.


is it pronounced "bee" or "by"?


Why don't ye accept "It is a bee behind you??" I mean "Det är" means "It is", and "Det finns" is there is! Make a mistake and go back to the start!


"Det är" is also used for "there is" when talking about something being located somewhere, as is the case in the sentence above.


Then/However, how would you say “It is a bee behind you” in swedish?


Bobi, to be honest your sentence sounds weird to me in English, as a native speaker.

Even if someone asked you to clarify what was behind them, you'd probably just say, "It is a bee." (Without saying "behind you" as they've already specified the location in their question.)

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