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"De zakenvrouw bekeek haar agenda op een laptop."

Translation:The businesswoman looked at her agenda on a laptop.

December 28, 2014



Isn't "diary" an adequate translation of "agenda"? In English, "agenda" usually means either a plan for a meeting, or some kind of goal or plan that someone has in mind. For general daily planning you can use a diary, calendar or planner, not so much an agenda.


'diary' is a perfect translation for agenda, at least for British English. Hope you reported it.


Schedule would be good as well?

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Is there actually a difference between a 'notebook' and a 'laptop' in Dutch? At least in German we use both words meaning the same device.


"The business woman looked at her agenda on a laptop" - marked wrong for not having business woman as a single word??? Come on! AND anyone else missing the leading "De" on the normal speed audio, it's there on the slow version.


Yes, businessman and businesswoman are correctly written as one word.


I also think planner should be accepted for agenda


By coincidence, Dutch "agenda" and Spanish "agenda" sound almost the same.


what is the difference between kijken and bekijken?


when you use only kijken you should use a preposition, such as naar "de vrouw kijk naar haar agenda". With bekijken you don't need the preposition. Same is valid for other verbs such as (be)luisteren or be(aantworden)


Does that mean that bekijken (and the other two verbs you cite as examplew) are transitive, with a direct object that needs no preposition?

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