"The tail of the dog is long."

Translation:Hundens svans är lång.

December 28, 2014

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If the word tail is a noun, why is it not, svans-en/et?


You can’t have a definite noun after a possessor (hundens). :)


Oh.... that explains that. Thank you!


I understand that "The dog's tail is long" means the same thing but why can't you also say, "Svansan av hunden är lång"? Tack!


We just don't like the av construction very much for speaking about parts of things. If you really, really want to have the tail first, we'd say svansen på hunden, but that sounds a bit special.

One reason we don't use av like you use of is that we use it for some other things that might cause confusion. For instance av is very often used for 'by', in cases like En bok av X 'a book (written) by X'.
en bild av is ambiguous in Swedish, it could mean either 'a picture of' or 'a picture by'.

[deactivated user]

    Maybe I missed out on something, but what is the possessive form of) svans"?



    Nouns that end on -S, -Z or -X don't get another S to them.


    When does one use "länge" and when "lång"? One says "jag har sovit länge", but "hunden har en lång svans". I presume this is adverb vs adjactive?


    Yes. :) And in addition, länge is only about time, but lång can be about other things as well.

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