December 29, 2014



Wouldnt it be ett bröd because on another question it said to find "bread" and thw correct answer was ett bröd


That's something I noticed too and have reported as incorrect. "Bread" translates to just "Bröd". "Ett bröd" would actually translate to "A loaf of bread".).


I would think of it as a slice of bread when saying Ett bröd, but when you saying just bröd, I would think it refers to a whole load of bread.


I disagree, I never think of a slice of bread as ett bröd, that would be en skiva bröd. Ett bröd can on some occasions be a loaf of bread or like a bun of bread. For instance there's a story in the Bible where Jesus feeds the people fem bröd och två fiskar, 'five loaves and two fish' in the English version I found right now.


Because this the most typical example of the difference between swedish and fenno-swedish I have to open my mouth. :D

Ett bröd is either a loaf of bread or a macka.

Then we have the word semla, which here in the east is a breadroll, but in the west is a sweet roll.


Thanks Emil, I really like Swedish language since it is easier than Spanish and users here are more polite and understanding than some users at Spanish section, maybe duolingo should provide global moderator for each language?


Well than thank God spanish is my first language because this seems pretty confusing for me. Is it interesting, though!


How is the ö pronounced?


Why is this "bröd" and the other is "ett bröd"? They both say to translate "Bread"


It seems people are being shown something that is not in the incubator here. What we see in the Incubator is one sentence Bröd to be translated Bread, and one image exercise Bröd, to be translated Bread. We don't have an exercise saying ett bröd. I believe there is a bug here, so if anyone could provide a screenshot, we could report it to the Duo technicians.


I took a screenshot, it might just be with mobile devices. Now what do I do with the screenshot?


Thank you! if you could upload it to imgur.com and just post a link here, that would be great!


For the picture, it wants, "ett bröd"and marks "Bröd" wong. The next question was "bread" so I wrote "ett bröd"and it marked that wrong.


Bröd and ett Bröd both are maening just"bread (a bread.one bread not slice of)" or it is not. just Bröd means a bread and ett Bröd means the bread? im so confusing


Just "bröd" = "bread". "Ett bröd" would mean "A bread", as in a loaf of bread.


thank you so much : )


Oh, I suppose then in the picture of a loaf of bread, that's why it wants "ett bröd".


I'm confused While I thought bröder means brother Instead It is brothers so bröd might be (one) brother but instead it is (one) bread What about the plural ?


bror 'brother' is irregular: en bror, brodern; bröder, bröderna
bröd 'bread' is ett bröd, brödet; bröd, bröden (but we rarely use the plurals, we usually use the singular as a mass noun)


Why do you use "en" with "skiva bread" instead of "ett"??


Because "skiva" is an en-word. Bröd on the other hand, is an ett-word. It's fairly random and has to be learned with the word.


It bread pronounced the same as bread in German and Dutch for anyone who's doing those languages? Cause it sounds quiete similar to German and I'm not sure if it's exactly pronounced that way.


No, German and Dutch brot/brood have a long O-sound, /oː/, while "bröd" has a long Ö-sound. This is the same sound as German Ö or Dutch EU, /øː/.


Dont you say bröd like bread just trying to clarify


No the ö is prunaunts like... How do you explain it. Just wach a video on youtube of somebody saying ö


Where is the "d" pronounced? Is it dental or alveolar?

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