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  5. "Bhí mé in Éirinn anuraidh."

"Bhí in Éirinn anuraidh."

Translation:I was in Ireland last year.

December 29, 2014



Is she saying bí mé not bhí mé? Sounds like to me.


Why Eirinn and not Eire?


There's one technical reason and one native-speaker reason.

Technical reason - Éirinn is the dative form and is needed after prepositions, where as Éire is the nominative form.

Native-speaker reason- The nominative and dative have collapsed and you'll hear Éirinn in both cases. So, really, to sound native, go with Éirinn even in things like Tá Éirinn go hálainn


What about Éireann, as in Bus Éireann? Is that just an adjective form? It sounds just like Éirinn from what I can tell as a non-native speaker.


Éireann is the genitive. It shouldn't sound like it, but have a broad <nn> instead of a slender one.


This may be a dumb question, but why is it "Bhi me in Eirinn" used rather than "Bhi me i Eirinn." Is it because Eirinn starts with a vowel? (Sorry for the lack of accents.)


Yes, you got it right - it's because of the vowel)

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