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  5. "I feel only sorrow."

"I feel only sorrow."

Translation:Jag känner bara sorg.

December 29, 2014



I thought this was reflexive, ie "Jag känner mig bara sorg"?


It would be reflexive with adjectives: Jag känner mig ledsen, but it's not reflexive with nouns, since you do not feel 'like sorrow'.


Ok i'll try to bare that in mind, not sure how easy it will be for me to distinguish whether it needs 'mig' or not though...... I know 'Jag känner mig trött' is reflexive even though you do not feel 'like tired' either? Maybe I just need to learn what constitutes an adjective/noun, since sorrow doesn't seem distinctly different to tired or sorry to me!


It's really useful to know the difference between adjectives and nouns. But maybe it helps if you try saying I am – you would not say I am sorrow (or: it would be very poetic if you did), but you could say I am sad, right?


Ahh tack så mycket, that makes a lot of sense, I will certainly remember and use this technique! Language was never a strong point at school (at even that was many years ago anyway)!


This goes only for feelings of course, you can be a noun like in I am a man. It's great that you're studying here even though you have bad experiences from school, it's never too late, you know, just stick with it and don't be afraid to ask!


Just to be sure that i got this right:

I feel [adjective] = reflexive form = känner mig
Example: "Jag känner mig sorglig"
Translation: "I feel sorry"

I feel [noun] = non reflexive = känner
Example: "Jag känner sorg"
Translation: "I feel sorrow"


can I use känn instead of Känner?


No, because känn is the imperative, like Feel this!, but känner is the present tense which is what you need here.


I'm really sorry but I was trying to say "känns" Can I say "Jag känns bara sorg"?


No, känns is about how something feels to someone else. Like Rummet känns kallt 'The room feels cold' – this isn't about how the room itself is feeling, it's about how it's perceived by someone else.


thank you so much!


Why would 'mår' not work here?....is it of a more physical nature?


Mår works only on a scale from bad to good. You don't get any more precise with it.


Why "jag känner bara vemod" is not accepted?


vemod is more like "melancholy".


Can it translate as 'I only feel sorrow '?


Sure thing. We allow that when translating into English.

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