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  5. "Ik werd gisteren gezien."

"Ik werd gisteren gezien."

Translation:I was seen yesterday.

December 29, 2014



Is this any different from "Ik ben gisteren gezien."


Not in meaning, it's just a different tense. :)


A choice of two tenses meaning exactly the same! Well, I suppose English does it too. "I would buy apples there" / "I used to buy apples there"


My understanding is that they don't mean the same thing. 'Ik ben gezien (geworden)' is 'I have been seen', whereas 'Ik werd gezien' is 'I am seen'.


You're right that they aren't the same. 'Ik werd gezien' is 'I was seen' though. 'I am seen' would be 'Ik word gezien'.


Yes, thanks. German influence...


Is this also "I saw yesterday"? (Unusual, but maybe you went blind today)


No, that would be, "Ik zag gisteren" and then, "Ik heb gisteren gezien." I think it would be true in English as well, if you used a different tense for the English sentence, "I saw yesterday" it would be "I have seen yesterday", and the sentence we were given is, "I was seen yesterday." In this case, it all comes down to the tense, and it matches the English fairly well. Back to my cave!


Thanks! I like how the have/was verbs seem to match up to English - makes it easy to remember.


In English I think you would probably say "I could see yesterday" and now I am blind ... "I saw yesterday" would sound strange in that context


"I was being seen yesterday" Is there something incorrect with this one? Thanks

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