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  5. "A lâmpada queima a toalha."

"A lâmpada queima a toalha."

Translation:The lamp burns the towel.

July 21, 2013



Believe it or not, this actually happened to me one time.


The "a" sound really confuses me. "lâmpada" should be pronounced like "lumpada" like "lump" instead of "lamp". Or is it different?


It's a nasal sound. It'd probably be closer to (long)pada.. but maybe a native speaker can give you a better comparison. Easiest way I find to remember how to get to that nasal sound is think of "-ing" endings in English.. if you really emphasize that ING you feel it.


It's wrong in the exercise... This "lâm" is very very similar to the "lan" house. Lanpada. And not lanpáda. If you noted, the exercise tunes the second A. But it's the first one which needs to be tuned. Bye bye!


Good information. If you find more problems, forvo.com is useful for giving pronunciation advice:


I saw somewhere one exercise for training in nasal pronunciation of the sound "a": you should pronounce smth like "mmmmaaaaaa" quite long time. And at the moment you're starting to pronounce "aaaaaa" after that long "mmmm" you should open your mouth just a little bit (opening only lips). And you'll get that nasal "a".


I was always wondering why there is a circumflex over the "a" in some words. When it's over "e" or "o" (ê, ô) it indicates that these vowels are open, but "a" cannot be open. So what is the ^ for?

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