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Problem: Words are recurring in my Danish-from-English course while strengthening

The title says it all. I noticed that one or two certain words keep coming up whenever I am strengthening my skills in Danish: first it was only "varmen" but now it's also "identiteten". They actually appear every single time, although I have answered them correctly about an estimated hundred times by now.

I believe it has to be a bug or something?

Best niscate

December 29, 2014



FWIW this is also happening to me with "varmen" -- always the image identification task.


For me this happens with "the heat", "the text" and "the identity". I have reported the issue through the Support tab.


I did that, too. Noticed "alkoholen" as well.


This issue is quite strange, because I haven't experienced it with any of the other languages.

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