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  5. "I am kissing her lips."

"I am kissing her lips."

Translation:Jag kysser hennes läppar.

December 29, 2014



Vad är skillnaden mellan "kyss" och "puss" (substantiv) / "kyssa" och "pussa" (verb)?


A kyss is a more intimate act, typically used e.g. between two lovers. A puss covers a wider range of kisses, from intimate ones to a quick peck on the cheek. If there's any tongue involved, it's definitely a kyss. :)


Is a "kyss" always a so-called French kiss (a kiss using tongue)? Or just a more intimate act compared to a "puss" (with or without tongue :-D)?


No, not always. And it does not have to be two lovers, it's just generally a much more intimate act than puss.


What do you think about: "Jag står och kyssar hennes läppar". I was hoping that "står och" would make the sentence seem more active.

And also, if I wanted to ask this question in Swedish, would it be "Vad tror du om ..." or would it by one of the other translations for thing (tycker, tänker)?


The sentence is already active in Swedish, so there's really no need to make it more active.

It's hard to explain, but jag står och kysser hennes läppar sounds very inappropriate here. The står och construction makes the whole sentence sound impersonal, though I struggle to come up with why. As if the kisser is a notary, pointing out what's being done as the kissing commences.

Either vad tror du om or vad tycker du om would work here. They're close enough to convey the same sentiment, and "think" corresponds well to either here.

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