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Fiú = Even,Is fiú = ?

So what i am stuck on is something outside of duolingo, Ok so i know that the adverb 'fiú' means even but is fiú? Another example i came across was Is minic, minic = often but what is 'is minic'? Are these just example of the Superlative? i am not sure how 'is minic' could have an english equivalent maybe 'most often' but that doesn't sound right?

Thanks in advance :)

December 29, 2014



They're not examples of the superlative, no. They're usages of the copula, similar to Is cosúil ... (It's clear ...)

Is minic a bhí mé ann (Is often I was there - I was often there).

Fiú with the copula means "worth". Is fiú é (It's worth it). Is fiú ór na cruinne é (It's worth all the gold in the world).

From Gramadach na Gaeilge:

to cause emphasis, one can also shift the adjectivial adverb of a clause clause with the copula to the beginning (then it is again a predicative adjective )


ok i understand the 'is minic' bit but is 'is fiú' a set phrase and if so are there many of these?


It's actually the first definition listed with "even" being a second. However, it seems that fiú in this sense is only ever used with the copula. As for others, well, almost anything can be brought forward like that.

Is curamach a rinne sé (He did it carefully).


one last question if i may :) , are there other words like 'fiú' that can be used in this way. So in other words, the adverb 'fiú' means even but 'is fiú' means worth and the two when translated to english they don't really have any relation. Are there many other examples or does this and maybe a few others stand alone. And if not is there any sort of method for turning an adverb like fiú and turning it into a predicative adjective like 'is fiú' and understanding what they mean (when translated to english)? Sorry i may be confusing you because it is a bit difficult to explain this in a logical question haha :) Thanks for all the help!


I'm sure there are, but I can't think of any at the moment.


well if you can't think of any they mustn't be too common so i won't worry about them for now haha thanks.:)

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