Translation:The buildings

December 29, 2014

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In what circumstances do people in Sweden use this word? I am now living in Sweden, and people always refer to our work building as a 'Hus' which we wouldn't typically do in English (there are exceptions of course).


There is something wrong with the pronounciation here. The first -a- should be long, I think.


Sounds fine to me. The a should be short.


Is en byggnad pronounced with a short [a] as well? If so, I seem to have had an incompetent teacher when I was younger.


Yes, it’s short. Listen here.


I suppose I am pretty late to the party and also, I am by no means an expert, by I think that the opposition between long and short vowels in Swedish only makes sense when it comes to stressed vowels. In this case, I think that the stress in on byg-, and therefore the a in -nad is short, but probably someone else could confirm or refute this.


The d sounds like a v! It happens very often the the voiveover is faulty and it takea while for me to realize what the voice should say.

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