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  5. "We talked about the forest."

"We talked about the forest."

Translation:Wij praatten over het bos.

December 29, 2014



What is the difference in pronunciation between "praten" and "praatten"?


Wij praten over het bos = We are talking about the forest. Wij praatten over het bos = We talked about the forest. They are pronounced the same so you need context when listening but not when reading.


There is no realy difference in pronunciation, there is only another way of writing


I would like to know about that, too. They sound really confusing while we talk fast


"Wij spraken over het bos" is also correct (native speaker here) but duolingo didn't count it..


would "we heb over de bos gesproken" also be a correct sentence?


No, bos is a het woord so in singular you need to use the definite article het. Also the conjugation of hebben:

  • ik heb
  • jij/u hebt^ (heb jij)
  • hij/zij/het heeft
  • wij hebben
  • jullie hebben
  • zij hebben

^u heeft is also correct


Yes, of course you are correct with regards to my use of "de" and "heb". But, then would "we hebben over het bos gesproken" be correct? That was my root question.


Thanks. Now I feel like I am learning something. ;)


I just had this exact answer ("we hebben over het bos gesproken") as a mistake, thus now I wonder why


Not your mistake, but a mistake in the course. Your sentence was a missing alternative translation, I fixed it now, thanks!


Why is 'Wij spraken over de bossen' not a correct translation?


... over the Amazon Forest !! We can not allow its annihilation.!!


In this exercise there is no difference between wij and we, yet it marks me wrong every time. If it was a listening exercise there would be a difference,but here it is just we, both wij and we.

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