"The pupil thinks there is too much homework in school."

Translation:Eleven synes, der er for mange lektier i skolen.

December 29, 2014

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Why "for mange" and not "for meget"? I thought mange means many, and meget means much.


Homework is not countable, but lektier are.


Unfortunately, when you hover your mouse pointer over "much" you get "meget" as the only possibility.


This. This is a problem in general. I just had another sentence in this same lesson, and I thought, "based on my previous knowledge the answer should be such-and-such," but I hovered over a word to confirm that I remembered correctly, and it told me to use a completely different construction, so I did and got the question wrong. Don't screw with people like that, Duolingo. I'm using you to learn BECAUSE I don't already know, so of course I'm going to trust you to tell me when something it not correct, and if you say on a given example to do x, I will do x even if it's irregular because I trust you. Don't betray my trust.


Spot on. I gambled with mange in the end and it paid off. It's disrupting my learning though. This is my second time through the tree and I'm still really struggling, so when I hover over the word, I expect the correct answer to be given. Very tricky!

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    Why is ''Eleven tror at der er for mange lektier i skolen'' incorrect?


    "much homework" can also be "meget hjemmearbejde" in Danish. Even though 'hjemmearbejde' is a bit old school.


    does anyone has a good rule over synes/tror?


    if skole is school, why isn't skolen (the correct answer) [the] school?


    When talking about institutions in general, in English you don't use the article, you just say "We had biology in school today." If you said "the school", it would be a specific building.

    In Danish that's different, you tend to use the articled form with institutions: "Vi havde biologi i skolen i dag."


    I always have difficulties trying to figure out when to use synes or tror. Does anyone have a good rule of thumb for when to use one or the other? Believe or think. They are not always interchangable--are they?


    Somebody somewhere commented that synes is used when one has an opinion about something.


    how can "in school" is "i skolen"??????


    Hovering over 'much' gives meget so it is frustrating to have it classed as wrong.

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