"The pupil thinks there is too much homework in school."

Translation:Eleven synes, der er for mange lektier i skolen.

4 years ago



"much homework" can also be "meget hjemmearbejde" in Danish. Even though 'hjemmearbejde' is a bit old school.

4 years ago


...and he is correct

2 years ago


if skole is school, why isn't skolen (the correct answer) [the] school?

1 year ago

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When talking about institutions in general, in English you don't use the article, you just say "We had biology in school today." If you said "the school", it would be a specific building.

In Danish that's different, you tend to use the articled form with institutions: "Vi havde biologi i skolen i dag."

1 year ago


Why "for mange" and not "for meget"? I thought mange means many, and meget means much.

3 months ago
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