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"She has not introduced me to her parents."

Translation:Hun har ikke introduceret mig for sine forældre.

December 29, 2014



det hedder : hun har ikke præsenteret mig for sine forældre. introduceret er ikke godt dansk , men hvis det bruges så: hun har ikke introduceret mig til sine forældre


Why not "til" instead of "for" ?


"(...) mig for HENDES forældre" should not be correct, as the Danish word "sin" should be used when the noun in the sentence refers to the girl herself. The same with "hans" for male. "Hans"/"Hendes" are referring to another person than the one spoken of. "Hun giftede sig med hendes kæreste" - "she married her (another girl's) boyfriend". "Hun giftede sig med sin kæreste" - "she married her (own) boyfriend".


The english sentence could be talking about a third person. We dont have the context to know which is the correct danish word to use.


Well, that's the problem. But as these are simple sentences, it's quite logic that it is the girls own parents. Thus "hendes" is a no-go. The suggested translation also includes the correct "sine forældre".

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