"He eats an apple."

Translation:Han äter ett äpple.

December 29, 2014

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Swedish verbs don't conjugate based on persons? So nice!


Indeed! At least that part is very easy. :)


Nope. Seemingly it's all based upon tense. However pronouns do tend to conjugate; min/mitt/mina, din/ditt/dina, etc.


Am I the only one who thinks the option "Han äter ett kvinna" is kind of scary?


This duolingo really be freaking me out...

If I don't finish my streak...

Who knows what duolingo bird will do...


Just to be clear, those options are generated automatically and not written by us.


Wait ur apart of the Dulingo team???


No! Think about it. "He eats a woman" is going to be creepy.


What is the difference between ett and en ?


Ett is the indirect article and en the direct article. You use ett with neuter nouns and en with common nouns. For example, ett hus; en bil. When using the direct article, it's huset and bilen. There's no rhyme or reason for which words are ett and which are en. You just simply need to remember which is which.


Your description is confusing since you're mixing up front and end articles.
Let's put it this way instead:
en and ett are both indefinite articles.
en is used for common gender nouns: en bok 'a book'
ett is used for neuter nouns ett äpple 'an apple'.

The definite form is created by using endings:
en bok 'a book' -> boken 'the book'
ett äpple 'an apple' -> äpplet 'the apple'


Thank you so much, Douling should explain these things!


Ohhh that helps alot thx


How do i get to a Swedish keyboard?


Long press on one of the letters


In english keyboard there are also letters used in Swedish


You can also download a Swedish keyboard. I have Win 8.1 and it was simple. Probably works in Win 7, but I'm not sure as I skipped 7. Go to Control Panel/Clock, Language, Region/Add a language. Easy peasy from there. Click on the one you want and install. And then to toggle between keyboards, you can either left click on the "ENG" on the taskbar, or click and hold the Windows key and then click the space bar. If you hold the Windows key while clicking on the space bar, you can toggle between all installed keyboards should you have more than one.


if you are on a tablet like me when you type a keyboard pops up and if yoy press it says "Languages" click that


press alt on the RIGHT side of your KEYBOARD, there are TWO ALT-s in a keyboard. press the most RIGHT. alt+q = ä alt+y = ü alt+p = ö experiment for yourself :D remember--> RIGHT side of ur keyboard


How I remember that Han is he.... Han solo


http://sv.forvo.com/search/h%C3%A4n%20%C3%A4ter%20ett%20%C3%A4pple/sv/ pronounces hän "heen" and Han "hun" what does each mean? and äter is more of "aiter"


You typed hän instead of han.
han means 'he' but hän is an old-fashioned word meaning 'away'. You can safely ignore this word for a very long time.


Why is it “ett” and not “en”?


All Swedish nouns have a grammatical gender. In the case of äpple, it's of the neuter ett gender. For some more info, please have a look here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/26420394/Answers-to-some-common-questions-on-grammar-that-beginners-have


what is neuter. ive never learned a language before. would all objects be neuter or would there be exceptions. what makes a word masculine


Swedish doesn't have masculine / feminine. Our nouns have genders called "common" and "neuter". Please have a look here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/26420394/Answers-to-some-common-questions-on-grammar-that-beginners-have


Why is it ett instead of en?


Swedish nouns have different genders, and äpple is of the neuter gender, called ett-words. Please see more here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/26420394


I typed in han instead of hon at on point and it said it was correct despite i got it wrong to test what happened i did it vice versa here and it said it was correct. Is this some Swedish thing or just a glitch?


You're supposed to be allowed one typo per word, as long as it doesn't turn into another word. And you're also supposed to be shown that "we let you through, but you had a typo here".

Unfortunately, the former system doesn't work well for Swedish, and the latter is buggy.


Aw man, I was hoping that German's der Apfel would translate to common gender here, but nope... ett äpple.


Why is there no "Tips* section for the Swedish course? I am also workinng through German for English speakers and so far each lesson group has a Tips section that I can review.


There is, but unfortunately they're not visible in the app. You can see them if you use the browser instead - or if you go to the unofficial site https://duome.eu/tips/en/sv


What's is the different between (ett) and (en)


They are different grammatical genders. Please see my post for new learners here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/26420394


So if han is she and he can hon be he and she as well?


han is always "he", and hon is always "she".


I can't do accents on my keyboard

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