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"One newspaper, several newspapers"

Translation:En tidning, flera tidningar

December 29, 2014



Doesn't "Man" mean one as well? It says that only "En" is correct here. Is Man only used in specific contexts? Is it similar to how it is in English where "man" for one is used like "one" is used in place of you or I (One does not simply walk...)?


You're right, man is only 'one' as in the general pronoun 'one' – the one you can substitute for you.


True, Man means one but in third person.


more like one mistake several mistakes


Well, they say you learn from your mistakes, so I guess we'd all better make lots of them. :)


Swedish is so hard!!


Hang in there! With time and practice, you'll get the hang of it.


Well, there's no gender, no conjugation (other than -ar and -en), and alot of words are the "viking-esque" version of english or german! I find it quite simple sometimes.


Hang on, firstly better to learn by positive reinforcement rather than negative (pavlov) but principally ett is "one" where as en is "a" so why is ett tidning incorrect?


You probably know this by now, but tidning is an en-word so it never takes ett.


I answered en tidning flera tidningar and recieved a wrong answer reply. why is thiis so.?


I'm guessing it's because you didn't add the comma. You're not supposed to - punctuation is mostly optional on Duolingo - but sometimes, there's a bug that forces you to use punctuation anyway.


Why is this in the "colors" lesson? haha, unless "newspaper" is a color i never learned growing up.


Newspaper is a color! It's read all over!


How are we supposed to know when to use En or Ett?


That still doesn't explain when to use En or Ett. How can you tell if a word is common gender or neuter?


I think you missed a section. Here, I'll copy-paste:

How do I know the gender of a word just by looking at it?

I am sorry to say that the gender of a word will most often need to be learned by heart. This post by Zzzzz... has a great list of tendencies, however: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/6329293


how do you know when it's en or ett? I just take my 50/50 chance each time a get a question like this and i get it wrong every time lol


Please refer to my other replies on that in this thread. :)

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