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  5. "She sells her dog."

"She sells her dog."

Translation:Hon säljer sin hund.

December 29, 2014



How cruel of her!!


-sin hund and -hennes hund are both accepted, what is the difference?


Sin is ’her (own)’, hennes is ’her’ (someone else’s).


So if the "she" in this case is selling her own dog, it should be "Hon säljer sin hund."?


Please get me out of this doubt. Let's suppose we are talking about "Sofia", and I tell you she is selling HER dog.

if i say Hon säljer HENNES hund and not "sin hund"... does it have the same meaning? i mean, will you understand I'm talking about the dog of Sofia?


If you say Sofia säljer hennes hund, then it is not Sofia's dog, but some other female person's dog she is selling.


Ohhh..... that's all, thanks a lot!


When do you use "henne" and when do you use "hennes?" I keep mixing them up.


Henne is the object her, and hennes is the possessive her. You can compare henne to English ’him’ or ’me’ and hennes to English ’his’ or ’my’, but for ’she’ instead of ’he’ or ’I’. Does that make sense?


I'm going to need more practice!


Think of it this way: Swedish appends an "s" onto every noun to make it into a possessive adjective, including pronouns. English appends an "apostrophe-s" onto every (singular) noun, except pronouns (which are irregular), to make it into a possessive.


Hon hör sin hund och säljer inte djur.


Is there any rule of thumb to "guess" a word's gender? Ett/en and modifications on sentences thereafter is weirdly difficult.


Nouns referring to people are usually common gender (ett barn is the obvious exception). (Not to be confused with the hon/han distinction for pronouns and human-names, what linguists call "natural gender".)

But no, there's generally no pattern at all. It's memorization, just like the m/f status of nouns in Romance languages.


I to am having the hardest time with henne/hennes/sin and most all other variations. At times i'm like oh snap i got this and at others im completely lost.

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