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  5. "Tá sibh dátheangach."

" sibh dátheangach."

Translation:You are bilingual.

December 29, 2014



Im irish an in school (and life) we always say "ye" if using "sibh". Mar shampla "where are ye?"


How is there a broad vowel (á) on one side on the 'th' but a slender e on the other? How is this pronounced?


It's a compound word is the reason why. As for pronunciation, see here, from a native speaker


How come it's "tá sibh dátheangach" "is dátheangach sibh"? Is the tá form always employed for adjectives whereas the is form is reserved for nouns?


That's it, in a nutshell. If you are linking two nouns (or a noun and a pronoun), use the copula, if you are using a noun and an adjective, you use the verb (which is in the present tense).

Is fear é - "He is a man"
Tá sé fuar - "He is cold"

There is more to the copula than that, but that's the best place to start off.


Go raibh maith agat!! Irish is very hard for me because it has so many different features to the languages I know but this only makes it more interesting and challenging. Thank you a lot for your swift and simple explanation :)


If sibh is plural, is dátheangach also the plural form of the adjective?


No, because "bilingual" is a predicative adjective in "you are bilingual" (it comes after the verb in English).

Only attributive adjectives agree with their nouns, predicative adjectives don't change, so "the bilingual people are talking" is Tá na daoine dátheangacha ag caint whereas "the people are bilingual" is Tá na daoine dátheangach.


Thank you. This was my question too.


Yes it should be "you are bilingual"


Bad explanations. There are other questions in here where plural isn't even spelled out. It's a guessing game at times.


What about tu meaning you


You use sibh when you are talking to more than one person, and you only use when you are talking to a single person.

Some people find it helpful to translate sibh as "you guys" or "you all", but you shouldn't expect that to work on Duolingo.


What does bilingual mean?


Being able to speak two languages.

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