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  5. "Où est ma carte de crédit ?"

" est ma carte de crédit ?"

Translation:Where is my credit card?

December 29, 2014


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Well, here is a phrase that I hope I will not be needing on a trip to France


A "cultural tip": Métro stations in Paris are frequented by pickpockets, especially during high-traffic periods and where new arrivals are coming out of the train station from the airport. Easy-pickings for them with a steady flow of new targets. Men are advised to keep your wallet, cell phone, or other valuables in a secure place, not in your pocket!


I have experienced this firsthand


Reminds me of Tijuana back in the 70's. And New York always.


Is this something that would be said? I have always heard credit card described as "carte bleue".


Carte Bleue is a French group of "banking cards" (affiliated with VISA), like VISA itself, MasterCard, American Express, etc. Other French speaking countries don't use that particular card, Carte Bleue is a France-only network. I would also add that a Carte Bleue is not necessarily a credit card, it can be (and usually is) a debit card.

If you want to keep the precise meaning of a credit card, carte de crédit is the only translation that works everywhere. Carte bancaire (banking card) can be used too, and/but doesn't specify if you're speaking of a credit or debit card.



If it's "carte de crédit", how does one says "debit card" in French?


"une carte de paiement" or "une carte bancaire".


In Quebec, one says "debit" (pronounced in the same manner as the French "credit") and "carte de débit". A payment (paiement) card is a prepaid credit card.


general question here, why carte bancaire and not carte de bancaire ? Or the reverse carte de credit and not carte credit ? Any insight would be appreciated.

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