"The architect is the man with a white shirt."

Translation:Arkitekten er manden med en hvid skjorte.

4 years ago



This is a bit strange, so this guy is just holding this shirt then? Not wearing it?

4 years ago

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He could be wearing it. If you want to specify that he is wearing a white shirt you could say: "Arkitekten er manden med en hvid skjorte på".

But if i heard you say "arkitekten er manden med en hvid skjorte" i would always assume that he was wearing it.

4 years ago


There's no real difference between the danish and english sentences -- you can't tell if the man is holding or wearing the shirt in either languages!

3 years ago


Wrong. In English you would say "he's the man with a white shirt ON". I don't understand why the same isn't acceptable in Danish. Surely it's still understandable to finish the sentence with 'på'

11 months ago
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