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  5. "Das akzeptieren wir nicht."

"Das akzeptieren wir nicht."

Translation:We do not accept that.

July 21, 2013



"Wir akzeptieren das nicht?" - is it also correct ?


Yes that is also correct.


Hallo! I just wanted to add to this that while "Wir akzeptieren das nicht?" is a correct German phrase, Duolingo is using the "Das" in the first position to emphasize it's importance. :)


Why is "That, we do not accept" wrong. Is it grammatically incorrect?


That I don't think is unusual at all. I'm a native English speaker and I frequently use that form to place emphasis on the object. For example, consider this exchange:

  • "We accept $20 bills"
  • "I only have a $100 bill"
  • "That we do not accept"

The comma is not grammatically correct, though it seems yours is a pacing comma (often used in slogans, but not recommended for technical writing.)


What is the difference between 'annehmen' and 'akzeptieren' (if any)?


From the word bank, I instinctively selected "We don't accept Turks." Gosh darn it. Why was that an option?


Could 'We can not accept that' also be a valid answer?


No. "We can not accept that." translates to "Wir k├Ânnen das nicht akzeptieren." and states that it is not possible for us to accept it no matter if we want it or not. The original sentences express a decision we have made. We have agreed that we will not accept that.


What's wrong with "We won't accept that"?


That would be a correct translation as well.


I tried "buy" rather than "accept" as both words were given as translations for akzeptieren. The English expression, "I don't buy that," can mean I don't believe you, your explanation, your excuse, etc.


The equivalent to the expression: "I don't buy that." is "Das kaufe ich dir nicht ab."

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