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"Jeg kan se kanten af bygningen."

Translation:I can see the edge of the building.

December 29, 2014



I translated this as "corner", which wasn't accepted, but I think this is what the Danish sentence means.

Although Kante usually means Edge, in English we wouldn't usually refer to an "edge" of a building, unless we were on top of it and were, for example, about to fall off the edge.


Yeah, I was thinking the same. If "kanten" is an edge, what's a corner?


Could 'kanten af bygningen' also be translated as 'the side of the building' or is it only the edge like where the roof meets the sides?


Only one of the edges.

"The side of the building" is "siden af bygningen".


OK, jeg tror at jeg forstår det nu! Tusind tak!


It sounds similar to the spanish "canto" (kanto), wich means edge.


"Fyr, intet kant!" DFTBA


Nerdfighters for the win :-)


HELP PLEASE: "Kant" means both the border or the edge of a thing as with a building; "Grænsen" means the border or boundary of a country or an area. Can Kanten and Grænsen ever be the same the thing or is Kant always the edge or rim of a thing and grænse always the border of a country or land?

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