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"The police give a report to the judge."

Translation:Tugann na póilíní tuairisc don bhreitheamh.

December 29, 2014



If I 'should choose one and stick to it' I should not be penalised for choosing it and not the other in a multiple choice question... How can you distinguish between correct and incorrect lenition/eclipse if sometimes it is correct in a dialect? I think these sorts of choices should be avoided...


In speech, you should choose one and stick to it. When it asks for all correct answers, well, you need to give all correct answers, even if it's not the dialect you want to learn.


I completely agree. In school we would call it an "Ace Buster," that is a question that is designed to cause an incorrect answer so the student cannot possibly score 100%.


Which regions of Ireland lenite breitheamh, and which eclipse? (Which should I learn???)


South and west eclipse, north lenites. You should learn whichever you want, just make sure to stick to it. There's good resources for Munster and Connacht, and I know of at least one thing for Ulster, though I can't comment on how in-depth it is.


You should learn to use the one in the dialect you're learning, but learn to recognise both so you'll understand those funny-talking people from over there!


The Irish police are called An Guarda Suíochána (guardians of the peace). A police officer is a garda(guard) and police officer plural is gardaí (guards). Colloquially, Irish people call the police the guards or the gardaí. E.g. "quick, ring the guards".


Garda Síochána.


Is there a difference between "gardaí" and "póilíní"?


garda(í) is for Ireland, polín(í) is outside.


@patrovia, even if both can sometimes be synonymous. Tuarascáil is more of an account, without the same idea of an objectice reliable story aiming for the truth. Both could be accepted on a technicality, at a stretch, but the judge would not take it from the police :)

They can't accept any synonym there is. Tuarascáil might be more suited for a journalist...


why is 'tuarascáil' incorrect?


@Bill Smith, or maybe they are designed so that 100% becomes less trivial, and reflects a slightly deeper understanding of the topic.

To advantage those open to alternative as opposed to those stuck in the 'that's how we di it, no need for other options' mentality, which really means 'it's useless cause I don't know/get/remember it'.


Why does breitheamh sometimes lenitate and sometimes eclipse here?


Dialect, as explained elsewhere in this discussion. Don causes eclipsis in Munster and Connacht, and lenition in Ulster. You should choose one system and stick to it, but you should be able to recognize both.

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